How to quote a post

I have been on internet forums for 2 decades now. But, the software is a bit different here.

I know how to reply - but how do you quote someone here?

You highlight (aka drag select) the portion you want to quote and then a new block with the text "Quote will show above it, click that and it will add the necessary bbcode to the reply box, which it will create and open if not already.

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@PHolder - Thanks!!! I appreciate it!

This should probably be pinned. I don’t think it’s intuitive for most people coming from other forum software. I get why Discourse does it - it’s cleaner not showing quote by default - but slightly confusing.


Besides quotes, which can also be typed using the traditional forum syntax of:

[quote] lorem ipsum [/quote]

it might be helpful to know that Discourse uses the wonderful Markdown syntax for styling, so you use things like:

> quote from above

which will display as:

quote from above

But it’s best to quote by using the selection method as above, as Discourse adds some meta information to the quote code, so that it can intelligently display or link back to the relevant comment being quoted.