Remove Apple ID from older Mac?


I have an old Mac Mini (2014) that is still attached to my Apple ID. All my other devices can run the latest iOS/iPadOS/MacOS, but the 2014 Mac Mini can only get up to Monterey 12.6.3.

It is still getting security updates, so I’m not worried about that. But I know there are certain iCloud features that aren’t available to it. Will having it attached to my Apple ID cause funny issues or stop me from getting certain features since not all of my devices can support them?

When there was the update to Reminders in iOS15(14?13?) I remember there was some warning about not upgrading the Reminders unless all devices were compatible (which I ignored even though I had an old iPad Mini)…

Just wondering if I’m being silly or if there is an advantage to disconnecting it and only have it connected to the most modern devices…

Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

I believe all devices have to be on iOS/iPadOS 16.3 or the latest Monterey release. If you have older devices that can’t use the new features, such as advanced encryption on the cloud or hardware keys, it won’t let you activate the features on any device.

The older devices have to be removed.

I’m not sure how, but I would guess you will have to make a secondary iCloud ID for the old device, log out the iCloud account on the iMac and log in with the new one. How easy that is, I don’t know, I only switched back to Mac and iPhone last year.

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Great, thank you so much!

Apple has been pretty good lately at letting consumers know if a feature won’t work due to an older device. If you require those sensitive items listed above, then sure remove the ID. But if you don’t bump into those features that require an updated device, I wouldn’t worry about it until you do.