Reducing unintended consequences of nuclear energy

In the last week or so, I was listening to a podcast in which somebody mentioned a story where after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, some country (Japan itself maybe?) pulled out of nuclear fast, increasing price of electricity, which in turn made people heat less and in that way killed more people than the actual Fukushima disaster.

I now wanted to read more about that, but I don’t remember which podcast it was from (might not even be TWIT network), and so can’t check the shownotes for a link or something to start with. Anybody have a link about this?


I heard this too, so it was definitely a TWiT show. Feels like something on This Week in Tech to me.

Also, there’s this:

and this

I believe it was on TWIG 532, when someone brought up “unintended consequences”.

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Yup, at about 2h13m or so, when Jeff is talking about the Precautionary Principle

and the relevant link: