HN 423: When The Lights Go Out

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Hey Ham Nation viewers! Tell us what you do to be prepared for a power outage? :warning:

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HI @K1DDN We made sure we had our lanterns ready to go with fresh batteries, chugs of freshwater and our phones were fully charged :slight_smile: Next time we need to make sure we have a backup plan for our fridge/freezer.

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Last year in Guam we had an outage for 48 hours or so… my Ham radio side of the house was good to go! I had batteries and chargers galore. We had a generator, we ran every 2 hours for a hour to power fans and the fridge. We learned after to get a smaller generator we can run at night that isn’t too loud.

We had plenty of water and stored food. We have an electric range so what I did is got a small portable gas burner and used that during the outage…and here on Guam…Rice and Spam is a must! made my life easy!

73’s Shane KN4IAS


Hello Amanda @K1DDN

Prepping with me. My Osku (XC90), contains emergency stay out gears for few hours to few days. Schelter, fireplace, few handy tools for make way out. Including VHF and HF gear phone and digital communication. Cause live in countryside, it’s more request than propose. And located 65N. We have three months cold, and nine damn cold. :wink:


I haven’t done anything. Primarily because I am directly off a main feeder so I’ll be one of the first with power restored. Though the more I think about it, the more I think I should have a generator just in case. We are on a well, so if there isn’t electricity, there isn’t water. The problem is that the well is on a separate electrical connection, so I’d need two.