Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5", 128GB WiFi Tablet Cloud Blue

I see this tablet has been reduced by 15%. I am considering this but wonder if I should gamble that prices will go lower next week.

I would appreciate any opinions.

If I remember right, Best Buy will have it for $499 on Black Friday

I am thinking with Amazon I can apply for their credit card and get another $100 off for a price of $449 but I am hoping they will go down more.

thanks for the information.

I really wanted the S6 but got the HP Chromebook X2 tablet instead, for less. It does more IMHO.

Costs less but is admittedly bigger

Comes with the detachable keyboard too

I believe it has a larger screen. For reading I like the 10.5 inch screen. I would imagine the Chromebook would do more than the Samsung.

Yes. It will also run android apps. But, it is a 12 inch tablet