Two quick questions

I everyone in TWiT land, two questions…

What is the best program to clone a hard drive for windows 10?
What is the best free password cracking program for windows 10, Ophcrack does not seem to work anymore…

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I haven’t had to image a physical PC in a while, but I used to use Acronis True Image for one-off situations.

For the password cracking take a look at Passcape’s Password Recovery Software - Password Recovery Software (

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You need an optical drive and are sill Bois based, but I remand Clonezilla.
I don’t remand any password cracking program since I find them all computer viruses.

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The Security Now guy, Steve Gibson, recommends Image for Windows - TeraByte Unlimited which is not free, but supports about as many options as you’d ever need.

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Doesn’t Windows 10 have a built in system imaging tool?

I don’t think Windows 10 or 11 has built in imaging tools.

I don’t know I would trust it, I want to boot wt a usb thumb drive and clone the HD that way…

Windows 10 does. You can create a system image.

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You are using Windows 10 but you don’t trust it? What?

What ever you do don’t Google to find out.

I have used its been some help… I miss Norton Ghost.

I have used Macrium Reflect.

What Windows has built-in is pure backup (which you should be doing anyway), but I grown to like the features 3rd party tools have better anyway.

I have settled on rescurezilla, it is most like Norton ghost.

Most virus scanners will pick these up as a hacking tool or a potentially unwanted program rather than an actual virus (although some of them might have some malware attached to them depending where you download it from)