Raspberry Pi uses?

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a new raspberry pi, was a birthday gift. In all honesty I’m really not sure of what to do with it.

Any ideas on projects or uses?

In the past, I’ve used as a VPN server for when I’m out of the house and need to connect back to my network, Plex server, file server, updater for dynamic DNS, PiHole for whole network content filtering.

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If you’re interested in Retro gaming, RetroPie is quite capable.

I have one as a Pi-Hole, one as a backup for my Unifi CloudKey and a Pi400 as a desktop, the latter is running Ubuntu.

If you’re into home automation.

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Mine’s currently being used as a hi-res music streamer using Volumio.


Awesome heat sink. Have a link for purchase?

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Fantastic. Thank you for the response.

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Thank you all for your responses. They have definitely helped.

These 3D printed TerraPi cases with the little fans and room for a SSD are extremely clever IMHO. They even have a multi unit stacked configuration.

I have this and it does work well I also got a different one for my Pi4 with a fan that i find noisy.
Can someone recommend a good heatsink that doesn’t require a fan for the Pi4 or a better way to keep the Pi4 cooler?
Its just running LinageOS for my 6yr old to use right now.

The Pi is small, so fans on it are likely to be small, and small fans need to spin faster to be effective, and thus are more noisy. Noctua makes a small fan that can fit a Pi, but I don’t know, despite their good reputation, if the fan is any quieter as I’ve never used one. I have seen heatsink/fan combo devices, I wonder if they are any less noisy. Something like this: Armor Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Black - BuyaPi.ca

Edit: Not fully RPi compatible, but Pine64.org boards have metal enclosures for heat dissipation. Might be good for a use case where there were no addons/hat type connections.

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That’s the fan i have now on my Pi3B+ i was wondering if there is a heatsink case that would allow the Pi4 to run without a fan?

Oh I am sure there are such cases, but radiant cooling will never be as effective as a fan. You could get a small [desk] fan to blow on the device to assist a radiant cooling case. That same one I linked above comes without the fans, so it’s just going to be a metal mass. Having never used it though, I have no idea on effectiveness. Armor Case Passive Cooling for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Black - BuyaPi.ca

Edit: this may be worth a read: The Raspberry Pi 4 needs a fan, here's why and how you can add one | Jeff Geerling

Edit2: Group test: Best Raspberry Pi 4 thermal cases tested and ranked — The MagPi magazine

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This is what I have for the Pi4.
Giuess I’ll try an extra fan nearby to keep it cool or put it in an open box to dull the sound.
Thanks all!


That last article I linked recommended this case: https://www.argon40.com/catalog/product/view/id/52/s/argon-one-raspberry-pi-4-case/ It has a fan inside (so maybe less noisy) and you can apparently configure it to not run the fan unless the temps inside reach a certain level. Might be just the ticket for you.

If you’re looking for neat things to do with it, have a look at DietPi. It’s a stripped down Debian distribution with a simple software installer meant for single board computers. It’s great for beginners because the software list contains most of the common things you would want, and it handles default configuration automatically. If nothing else, the software list will give you some ideas as to what people do with these things. Anything that’s not in the “optimized software” list can be installed with apt.

I’m using PiVPN, node-red, mosquitto, home assistant, pihole, nextcloud, LLMP web server stack, certbot, noip DDNS update client, motioneye.

Most of my time is spent automating things with node-red. Nextcloud is really amazing too.

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