Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

In one of my classes I have to make something with a Raspberry Pi. I’m having trouble coming up with a creative idea. Do any of you have any good ideas? Just respond quickly submission of my idea was actually due yesterday but I didn’t realize.

Quick, simple ideas that don’t require anything else except internet access;

  1. Internet monitor - ping x number (3 or more) multiple public servers, record time and length of downtime if none reply.
  2. Run Speedtest every x seconds/minutes, store results in csv format for later analysis.

Include code to email outage messages to yourself or others.

If you have a spare keyboard for your RPi, you could make a cheap version of a macro deck (like the Elgato Streamdeck https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Elgato-Gaming/Stream-deck/Stream-Deck/p/10GAT9901 without the fancy key pictures) Basically write a program on your PC that connects to a program on the Pi. When you press a key on the Pi, it sends a message or command to launch on the PC over the channel between them. The extra ability is the Pi could auto launch stuff too… like on a schedule, or based on sensors (light level, temp, humidty, noise.) For extra credit you could integrate voice recognition too :wink: Since this is a really light application, the RPi would be virtually free to do anything else at the same time. Just remember to leave yourself an out, a button to press on the keyboard to shut it down so you have a normal working keyboard for maintenance.

That sounds so cool. I might do both.

I bought one a few weeks ago.

I think they both offer some good learning opportunities.

The Ping command has some settings you literally need to experiment with to find the best options to use related to timing.

I learned about epoch vs actual time, and how to calculate elapsed time.

I also learned a bit about delays in execution that are very difficult to predict, and painful to measure. And coming up with a way to differentiate between such a delay and an actual outage was to me, a challenge.

Setting up the email output was also a learning experience.

And, to tell the truth, the whole concept of indenting in python was a whole new experience for one who’s only programming experience was FORTRAN 4 almost 30 years ago.

But, frustrating as it was, when the code actually worked was a moment of elation.

My wife participates in Creative Memories virtual crops (scrapbooking). They do Zoom or Facebook Live get togethers and learn new tricks and methods. These events include various challenges or participants can just do their own thing and socialize. Wondering if there is such things Raspberry Pi projects?

Probably but if not I bet there would be some people in this forum interested in starting one.

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I did a bit of Google-foo before posting. There are fee based classes available but nothing seemed to surface otherwise. Guess I should search Facebook groups. However like others, I very rarely login to my FB account. YouTube Live might be another source. Bottom line more homework is needed unless someone knows where to find such.

That’s one the resones why i was unhappy with dropping Know How since i found way to many to list Pi projects on line. One called Dream Pi uses the Raspberry Pi to get thing’s like X-BAND, Sega Net link, and The Sega Dreamcast bake online using their old dial-up modoms with the Raspberry Pi being thier gateway to the internet.

I’ve had various ISS tracker projects bookmarked for that magical “free time” that people always talk about. This one looks rather cool - https://www.hackster.io/sridhar-rajagopal/international-space-station-tracker-6afdca

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