Any Pine64/Rock64 users?

I have a Rock 64 and a Rock 64 Pro. They’re a sort of clone of the Raspberry Pi but with a different SoC.

Wondering if any of the other site members are using one, and if they have any experiences to share. I have been hoping to use mine as a small server with CentOS because I’ve been a long time user of Fedora so the tools on CentOS feel most comfortable, but I don’t think we’re yet at the point where there is a proper direct install for the current version.

I am cluster curious too, but I’d like a better option for a case and power supply that just using a normal ATX setup:

There is this small case with room for a 2.5" HDD or SSD which is also kind of interesting

There is also this retro gaming option, which is kinda neat:

I’ve been keeping a eye on the tablet, but as a computer tech,I always end up with old computers and just load them with Linux. Until they get a tablet that is fully functional, I’ll just end up waiting.

Good news. Fedora 31 recently released with better ARM AArch64 support Looks like I will be trying Fedora Server on one of my Rock64Pro boxes.