Question of the day - Who here likes Sirius XM?

Any Sirius XM listeners here? What are some of your favorite channels?

Best, best, best thing I ever did, but I am an Opera lover. Met Opera radio for me, just about all the time :grin:. I can listen to opera that was recorded over many decades that I otherwise would never get to hear, plus live opera every week. Oh, my! I have it in my car, home, and all my devices. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Count me as well. I agree with @catdailey. I enjoy a lot of different music, classical included. The primary issue for me is finding new music, but Sirius XM does a good job of curating new stuff. I will admit that a few channels will replay some things a few times over the course of a week, but my tastes change so often that it is rarely an issue.

Now that the full radio package has built in internet streaming at no extra cost, everyone in the house is enjoying it, too.


I have it add find it way better than commercial radio and a half step better than Spotify.

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I listen to in in my GF car :wink:

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I have had it about 3 years now. I really enjoy the fact that they offer the streaming service with the normal membership.

I usually listen to cable news (I don’t get the channels at home on the TV) and some music. But, I love listening to the comedians. I drive a lot, so it makes the drive much more interesting.

I’ve been a subscriber for 15 years. I enjoy Howard Stern.

But, I also like it around holiday time, don’t need to worry about “holiday” music on the radio.

Okay, so I guess the stream of love won’t go unbroken. I was an early adopter of Sirius (no not Sirius XM, they started as competitors.) The content between Canada and the US was not exactly the same back then, though most channels were shared. At that time I didn’t even own a car, but because you could have up to 4 radios on the one account, I had given one to my mom’s partner to use in his truck which spent most of its time in the way back woods where no other radio would work. I had a mobile radio for when I was in someone else’s car (or a rental car.) I had a “boom box” radio that I used at home. I mostly listened to the Sirius Hits (pop music) and the Sirius EDM channel (forget the number now, maybe 35). (I prefer upbeat music when driving the car over any distance, to keep me from relaxing and losing focus.)

So, for the first 3 or so years, I was a very happy Sirius customer. When they announced they were merging the two businesses, I was concerned, but optimistic. They moved channels around, and changed DJs and the EDM channel changed to something I distinctly didn’t like any more. A month in, I contacted SiriusXM to cancel my membership. They were concerned that one of their longest customers was leaving, and wanted to make it right, they gave me 6 months free to “give it a chance” to find its new footing. It never did recover for me… although other life factors conspired to prevent me from remaining interested. After the six months free, I still ended my subscription.

I got a new car a few years back with a SiriusXM capable radio built in. I contacted them to see if I could get a free trial. The person on the phone convinced me to take 6 months free if I would pay for 6 months. This was right before a long road trip to my family home, so it got lots of use in the thirty or so hours of driving on that trip. I tried many different channels but never landed on one I liked. A lot of them seemed far too repetitive. (It could be related to it being around the Christmas holidays, but I expected a greater selection of songs.) When I got back from the trip, I called and cancelled and tried to get a refund of my paid six months. I was treated VERY VERY poorly by their phone staff, and I spent hours fighting to get my refund, and never did manage to get a full refund. Based on this experience alone, I will NEVER consider them again.

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When I got my car - I got 3 months for free when I drove off the lot - but, that was 3 years ago. It may have been different years ago.

When I got my car - it was just going to stop working 1 day if I had done nothing

It came with a the car I bought in 2009 and I now have a different car and still have it . When it came time to pay for it I did go for the lifetime plan initially more expensive but long term a good deal for me. When I changed cars they gave me some grief at first but they did transfer my subscription to my new car.

Some channels I listen to are the Classic rock channels, Pop rocks, the Beatles, on Broadway, Classical , i’m all over the place musically


I’m listening to it on my iPhone right now (news about Kobe Bryant). I have it in 2 cars and my wife and I have it on our iPhones! Hard to be without it any longer! We often drive to our grandkids in Southern California and we listen to it for 7-8 hours at a time, especially in the boonies where there would otherwise be no radio reception. I listen to Soccer on Sirius XM FC, NBA radio, NHL radio, NFL radio, MLB radio, FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR news etc. We listen to 60’s on 6, 70’s on 7 and 80’s on 8 - also Symphony Hall, Met Opera Radio

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My wife love’s it. And listens to nothing but the Jimmy Buffet station. I tried it for a while and got bored. Now I listen to my own music from a thumb drive or iPhone, over-the-air free radio, and podcasts.

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That was my issue too. A classic rock station has at least a decade of music to choose from and I hear the same song(s) almost every day?

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That seems to be every station, whether on satellite or not.

I prefer to listen to music one album at a time, in the order it was stamped into the vinyl. That’s the way the artist intended it. I don’t use playlists.

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I’ve been a subscriber since 2004. Started with Sirius, then added XM when Ron and Fez were announced in 2005.
Fez has since retired, but the show continued with a new co-host for Ron, his daughter Gail, and a new name for the show, Bennington.
I have never missed a Ron and Fez / Bennington show.

Bennington is on Faction Talk 103, M-F 2-5pm EDT.

Yes, you’re mostly correct. The difference is I pay for local radio only with time spent listening to a commercial or two (for the short amount of time I am in my car on a local grocery run or something.) IMHO, for what you get, satellite radio is stupid expensive and they still carry ads, they’re just for other content on the same system. And you also don’t get any local news or weather. (I wouldn’t rely on local radio for a road trip, I would use my cell phone to play my own music selection in that case.)