PowerPoint - inexplicable black border

Hello all,
I have a curious problem that I can not explain.

I have 2 PCs here (Dell & Lenovo) each with the same Windows 10 version & Office 2016 x64 version.

I want to insert a simple graphic in .png file into a PowerPoint slide.

On one PC the graphic appears with white background and on the other PC a black background appears. I can’t explain why this is happening.

This is what the whole thing looks like.


Does anyone have an idea?


I suspect the one showing the black is exercising a bug in that version of PowerPoint/Office/Windows. You get this sort of behaviour sometimes when the PNG handling is buggy. In essence, the transparent portion of the PNG is an alpha channel, and the alpha channel processing is buggy. It could also be a video card driver issue. I presume you’re loading the exact same file into both PowerPoint versions? (i.e. the problem doesn’t follow the file, it sticks to the one PC.) Try checking for any updates (to your video drivers, to the OS and to Office.)

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Thanks for your message.

I will try to reinstall the graphics driver, because the latest driver is already installed.

If necessary, I reinstall Office - Windows updates are on both from 14 July.

I have always inserted the image or graphic via “Paste image”. Never from the clipboard. On both computers.

Another possibility is that the PNG itself is somehow not quite correct. (Depending on what application made it, it may have incorrectly created a PNG that works 99% but not perfectly.) Try loading the PNG into a paint program and resaving it and see if that helps. I like Paint.NET for tasks like these. GIF files also support transparency, so you could try converting it to a GIF as well, and see if that prevents exercising the bug.


Try running a repair of Office.

No answer to what causes this, but might have a simple fix. Had a similar problem recently, but with a printer output. Everything displayed on screen looked normal on a .png file, but printout was a totally black page (what a waste of ink). Exported .png file as a .jpg file. Printed fine. Try this, then import .jpg on both machines.

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This happens to me when I drag and drop images with transparencies (e.g. logos) from a browser directly into PowerPoint. What helps is to save them to the harddrive and drag and drop them from their folder. The image importing via drag and drop appears to discern by the source from which the drag and drop starts.


Hello all,
I just wanted to get back to you. First of all, thank you all for the support.

I have now tried everything and everything led to nothing. In the end it was the file itself with the transparent background.

Thanks again

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