Power automate and uploading videos to my YouTube channel

I just came across this power automate thing in my Microsoft account. Is this something I can use to automatically grab videos from my OneDrive account and initiate the upload to my YouTube channel through YT Studio?

In a word: no. It’s for enterprises to do business automation as near as I can tell, and it’s not free to use.

The instructions in this YouTube show exactly what I want to do. Upload videos created on my PC to YouTube using YT Studio. But the problems I have with it are

  1. It’s a bot written in Python and I don’t have enough knowledge to verify the code.
  2. I’d like it to be much more of a GUI app to make it easier to use, especially so my elderly dad can use it too.
    Is one possible solution to use a task recorder to automate the process? I have a Shortcut on my iPad and iPhone that does the same thing and it works like a charm. Finding a Windows option seems to be more challenging.