Power Automate (formerly known as Flow)

The product formerly known as Flow from Microsoft. This thing is powerful, but the interface is so bad - edit an expression, click update, and sometimes it doesn’t update. A part of a loop fails, you cancel the run, and you don’t know what’s wrong! The whole run has to finish before you can see what went wrong. When processing large spreadsheets or Sharepoint lists, that may mean a lengthy wait.

There is no debug console to check the output as a flow runs, so have resorted to writing files to OneDrive so I can check the output.

For someone who usually writes in C# in Visual Studio, Power Automate is rather frustrating and not a very mature product.

Mini rant over.

Agreed, the interface is frustrating. Plus I’m pretty sure they killed some of my flows during the life of the product. Or maybe my co-workers were screwing around with it.

It is, however, quite useful for getting reports out of legacy applications and streamlining them into modern workflows for non-technical users. And the number of integrations they’ve got is impressive. I was hopeful they’d integrate it with PowerShell scripting in the future but no such luck yet.

There are certainly some things which are very quick to set up if you don’t have any exceptions to program in. There is a lot of work that Microsoft can do to make it better - maybe a proper debugging environment.