Insert online video into iOS PowerPoint

I’m using my school’s Office 365 account. In the iOS version of PowerPoint, I have the option to inser video from my camera roll. But there’s no option to insert online videos like YouTube. Is this by design? Or do I need to adjust some sort of setting?

Using the PowerPoint app on windows you can go to the Insert tab and there is an option for video at the right hand side.

Yeah, I know that. Guess it’s a good reason to keep my Windows laptop around for a bit longer, lol. I wonder if you can do it on a Mac computer…

Ok your question wasn’t particularly clear, but I’ve looked around my various machines and you can do it on windows & Mac native apps and office online (e.g. browser). The mobile apps for iOS and Android appear to be the limitation.

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I remember this was one limitation I found using the mobile apps to play a presentation too. It wouldn’t play any embedded YouTube vids, even though it showed the placeholder. That was a while back, might have been fixed by now.

The mobile apps are free, so maybe that’s a reason for them having less functionality.

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