Podcast playback speed

I just wanted to share what I do with playback speed because I’ve not heard anyone else mention doing it.

For my favourite podcasts I actually slow the playback speed down to 0.9 or 0.8 so that I can enjoy them longer. And of course for my least favourite podcasts, I speed them up a bit. I find this can actually help make them more enjoyable. Works for audio books too.


I’ve always found it fascinating hearing how people adjust speed. I don’t speed up or down, personally. I’ll speed up some audiobooks to 1.25x

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I don’t adjust speed, but I use Pocketcasts’s built-in silence removal feature



I personally am not a big fan of speeding up or slowing down podcast. I’ve had one podcast that I listened to where I did so because they would seem to go on and on and on on the same subject with no opposing view point for I kid you not 30 minutes. TWIT I don’t feel the need to do that as at the very least @Leo will play devil’s advocate and at least try to see the other side of the coin. It’s actually one of the reason’s that TWIT.TV is my favorite podcast network. He gathers excellent talent but when the rubber meets the road on a discussion he will try to make sure both sides of the conversation are hear. This is not something that I see in any other podcast.


Now you know why I never shut up.


Well played, @Leo. Well played.


Same thing I do. Kinda crazy how much time you can save just by trimming the silence.

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For me, it really depends on the day. Most of the time I have time to listen at normal speed, but sometimes I’ll speed it up 10%. I find that faster than that and it doesn’t sound right to me.

Never considered slowing podcasts down before. That might prove to be fun. I’ll have to listen to @JeffJarvis dark mode rant slowed down. :smiley:

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Most of the time I’m listening or watching live on Twitch at 1x speed, but if I’m listening to downloaded videos on Pocket Casts (including more than just TWiT content), I’ll have 16+ hours (sometimes 30 or 60 hours) of listening to do, so I have that sped up to, at most, 1.8x.

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I do this as well. That and voice boost.

I play it at normal speed. Never even knew it was possible to change the speed until about 6 months ago.

I never speed up or down either…seems somehow, wrong! :smiley:


Been using Pocket Casts as my primary podcast player for a while. I listen at x1.7 speed and use the trim silence feature. I have about 15 podcasts(30-50 hours per week) I follow, and can’t quite keep up with the release cycles at this speed.