(Pixel) Pretty in Pink

Here is an interesting one.

I was reading c’t this morning (Germany’s premiere IT magazine).

(Link in German, paywall)

Somebody purchased a black Pixel 3 and it broke during the guarantee period - switched off and wouldn’t switch back on. Google collected it and agreed to repair / send a refurb out.

The customer received an email from Google that they were sending out a refurb unit, the email included the IMEI of the replacement device. He checked on Google’s website and it was a pink Pixel 3! He contacted the online support straight away and said there must be some sort of mistake.

The support worker, “Stefanie” said that the colour did not affect the operation of the device. He asked if this was some sort of joke? She said, no, that is Google’s policy. They will send you a replacement device, they will try and match the colour, but the colour is irrelevant to the guarantee case and if the preferred colour isn’t available, they’ll send any old colour.

c’t asked Google’s Press Liaison, and they confirmed the support worker’s statement. Although, miracle of micracles, the customer received an email at the same time, stating that Google had found a black Pixel 3 and it was being sent to him.

Someone rummage around in their drawers :thinking:

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