Google Tech Support

This past weekend my wife’s Pixel 4 XL went screwy. Now it won’t charge or boot.
Since its still under warranty, I contacted Google. Agreeing that the phone needs to be looked at, I was given two options:

  1. Go to a certified repair center to drop it off for repair.
  2. They send me a box to send it back to them in.

In both cases, I am without a working phone for most likely 7-10 days if it needs to be swapped.
I elected a certified repair center. I went to their website, and selected a date/time. Due to the virus, walkins aren’t being accepted. Apparently, that is only requesting an appointment. I got a call today and was told that the first appointment isn’t until Thursday. At this point, I told them it was quicker for me to get a box from Google.

So, I’m without a working phone for almost 2 weeks because Google doesn’t do advanced replacement.

I ended up going to Best Buy yesterday and buying a cheap Samsung for her to use in the interim.

I’ve always been happy with my Pixel phones. But, I’ve never needed to use their hardware support. I suppose next time I’ll just buy direct from the carrier.

Had you purchased the optional Google Preferred Care?

AFAIK replacement is only available when you purchase Preferred Care, without it you have to send it in and wait for a warranty repair. It’s basically the same as Apple Care for an iPhone.

Often carriers, who are getting regular payments from the customer, offer better warranty service options than the manufacturer who is getting only a one time payment.

Yes, I have preferred care. But the insurance doesn’t kick in until after the first year.

When my iPhone was broken, it was the same procedure. 2 weeks without the phone… No fault found, returned unrepaired, broke again a day later, another 2 weeks away to apple, returned without repair, broke when I was still in the shop, another 2 weeks without the phone, they sent a replacement that time. 6 of the first 7 is of ownership without the phone.

I don’t need a high priced Phone to use for a lot of stuff. This one gives me four days of battery life, because I do not like phones ringing. I think four people have my number, well maybe 7 do. I mainly use it for taking pix and video’s.
If my phone goes bad, I just buy a new one for around fifty bucks. Problem solved. My LG Rebel 4 with oreo 8.1 and still getting security updates.

Bummer, I’d thought the $150 would get a replacement instead of waiting so long when it so new. Now I’m glad I didn’t buy the Preferred Care when I bought my Pixel 3a from Google, since I don’t need accident protection insurance or want an extended warranty.