Pixel 4XL Qi Charging not working

My Pixel 4 XL has recently stopped charging wirelessly. I’ve done the tricks where if you press the screen it might pick up, but it doesn’t stay. I don’t see any evidence of battery swell.
I bought the extended warranty on it. Is it worth the money to replace the phone, versus just using the cable? I really liked the wireless charging, and its really annoying me. Unless anyone has any other thoughts to check?

Hmm, more research turns this up:
Pixel March update hurts wireless charging for some users - 9to5Google

Guess I’ll hold off on the insurance claim.

Yeah, my 4 XL has had pretty sporadic wireless charging lately, both on the Pixel stand and a 3rd party charger.

I’ll see it sometimes connect and start charging for a few seconds then it disconnects. Sometimes I’ll get the “realign your phone” message, sometimes it never works, etc. It is really all over the map on this issue.

This is exactly the behavior I am seeing. I have both a Pixel stand and a third party.
I’ll wait until after the April updates. At this point, I just plug it in. Really annoying since I much prefer the convenience of Qi. My wife’s Pixel is fine, though I’m not sure if she applied updates.

Well, April updates don’t appear to have resolved this.
I guess next thing to try is a factory reset.

The non-wireless charging is starting to annoy me. Assuming it to be a hardware issue at this point (even when powered off, it doesn’t wirelessly charge) I’m wondering what would be better, the insurance payment of $150 to get a replacement, or just trade it in for a Pixel 5?

Yeah, the April update did nothing to fix this on my 4 XL either. I doubt it is strictly a hardware issue, since it seems to affect quite a few Pixel devices and it appears to have started this year. I haven’t done a ton of trolling through the official support forums to see if it is a known issue that is currently being tracked (I probably should at some point).

It certainly is annoying, especially how inconsistent it is.

At this point, it just plain doesn’t work for me.

Well, I factory reset my phone. That didn’t help either…