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This is actually for the current episode which I don’t see listed.
Anyway, this is a quick question for Jason. I have the Pixel 4 XL. Does the Pixel 4XL have wireless charging? If Yes, what wireless charger do I need to get?

Thank You; love all the shows on TWIT,


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@JasonHowell so he knows you are asking him a question

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Also you could make this into an HOT episode.

Hey John!

Yes, the Pixel 4 XL supports wireless Qi charging. I have the Pixel Stand charger that is a bit more of an integrated experience compared to an everyday wireless charging pad. I also have a Samsung charging pad. Both do the trick for me. If the charging pad supports Qi charging, you should be good to go. But you’ll get faster charging speeds with the Pixel Stand compared to a run of the mill wireless charger.

I use the Pixel Charger, too, it has some additional features (it actually pairs with the phone via Bluetooth!) but Anker has a very good deal on their wireless chargers right now and they also work. I bought 4!

Thank You Jason and Leo. I bought the one Leo shows below. Amazon added an additional 20% discount.