Pixel 4 XL died and curious what to do

Hey Twit family, My Pixel 4 XL died from what appears to be a USB charging port issue. I was getting notifications about liquid being in there. Then the phone overheated a few times (Florida sun). Then the charging port wouldn’t charge unless I put the cord at a angle. Then the phone died.

I had the care plan and they are sending me a new phone. I really wish there was a way to get my text messages back. I have an older backup from an app I downloaded.

  1. Why doesn’t Google back up text messages automatically?
  2. Why can’t they provide access to your text messages like Apple does w/ iMessage or like they do with a Google Voice number?
  3. What should I try to get my phone to boot up? I tried wireless charging thinking that would help but it didn’t.

Thanks for your advice!

If Google did automatically backup your messages to G-drive, then people would complain about being spied on. You know the messages wold be indexed to help you search for them, and probably used to show you ads.
When Apple stores your messages they can be unencrypted and give to anyone with a warrant. Which would also apply to Google, but with a larger user base the number of requests for data would be crazy.

So you need to go out of your way to find and install a message app that will auto backup for you, yet not spy on you too much.

Are you sure it’s completely dead? plug it in with a different cable. why did you buy the warenty Google provides a great one that covers almost anything in my experince.