Permanent numlock and hard drive settings

Does anyone know of a way to force a Windows 10 PC to have permanent numlock? But my main question is, anyone have any idea of how to set a computer to default to its secondary drive for storage right now it stores most things on the boot SSD. Both without modifying the registry (this computer is on its second install of Windows do to me botching the registry when I first got it to set the drive).

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If you go into the computer setup/BIOS of your computer - most computers have various settings. In the past, I remember a setting in there that allows you to have Number Lock on or off by default.

You just have to figure out how to get into that. You can only access it when the PC first comes on, and BEFORE it starts into Windows. Sometimes it is the F2 key - it just depends on the manufacturer. Many brands use a different key to get into the BIOS/Computer settings.

Be VERY careful not to play around with the various settings. If you start changing things, and you do not know what you are doing, you can make it impossible for Windows to start up.

Apparently, there is another way as well:

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What sort of things are being saved to the boot drive that you don’t want saved to your data drive?

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Maybe this will help- How to Change the Default Hard Drive for Saving Documents and Apps in Windows 10


You can use decent tweaker tools to set both to your preference.


That only does documents and windows apps I’m wondering if there is way to configure it so that the HDD is where everything saves (including software downloaded from the internet).

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You can easily configure download locations in your browser.

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What apps exactly aren’t saving where you’d like with the instructions on the web site?

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But that would only effect where the EXE files are downloaded to. Appdata and other program related would still be stored on the boot drive.

Yes you can move the users appdata folders but you need to create symlinks pointing to the new location.
Please see this post for tips on searching Google for tech questions-
Tips for using Google to research tech issues

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I want it to be located on that drive from installation.

I’m pretty dumb so please explain clearly. Do you want Windows to create the appdata folders automatically on the data drive?
What size is the drive you are using for C: and what OS are you using?

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I want software that I install to install to the HDD instead of the SSD which is the boot drive.

With most programs you can specify the install location.
But what about the questions to do with appdata?
What size is the drive you are using for C: and what OS are you using?

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Look at this:

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I don’t want to move them I want to change the location they install by default

I don’t think what you want can be done.
What’s the big deal with specifying the install location when you install the application?
Maybe the answer is that you just buy a bigger C drive. They are cheap right now.
We’re trying to help you but you’ve not been very clear.
Have you done any research yourself and if so what/where?

The C drive is an SSD and the boot drive. It’s causing the C drive to fill up and slowing down the computer. The D drive (I think it is) is a 1TB HDD.


  1. There is probably not a way to get all new applications to install on the HDD by default
  2. You’ve been shown ways to move applications, user appdata, and default windows folders to the HDD.
  3. You’ve been shown how to install new applications to the HDD.
  4. You’ve been shown how to get downloads to default to the HDD.
  5. You’ve probably got a C drive that is too small for you.
  6. While I don’t mind helping you’ve probably got to take some time to research and learn more about what you want to do. Teach a man to fish…
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