Old Network listener and viewer New to Community

I am Richard from Wisconsin. I have been following Leo sense the old Screen Saver’s days! I am running a Pixel 3 xl but an iPad Air 256 gig as my main big screen device also an apple tv, I am moving back to iPhone 11 soon as I am done with my Pixel phone.
Just wanted to say hi and let know about my tech love.
Have a great weekend all.



Welcome aboard!!! :slight_smile:


hello and greetings… I hope you enjoy your time here

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Welcome to the community.

I would have loved to get the iPhone 11, but I love my OG iPhone X too much. I am going to try to hang on to it until Apple no longer supports it. I sort of wish I had done that with my iPhone 5.

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We are thrilled to have you here! Welcome :wave: