NEWS 380: Apple's Peek Performance Event

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!

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You guys did a great job! I can’t wait to watch the unboxing and review(s) of the M1 Ultra Leo ordered!

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Has anyone commented on whether the Mac Studio launch means that there will be no larger iMac to replace the 27" Retina? I really like my 2014 27" but it will not upgrade beyond Big Sur so at some point it has to be replaced. The rumors of a 30" M1 iMac looked tempting but the Mac Studio + display is far too expensive. Do I wait or is the 24" the only affordable option?

There are rumours of a piece of silicon twice the size of the newest. So you had M1 x2 = M1 Pro x2 = M1 Max x2 = M1 Ultra… and now there is rumours of a M1 Ultra x2 that is still unreleased. That would make for a super powerful desktop machine, but it might be the next Mac Pro or whatever they call it, and even more stupid expensive.

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They said at the end of the event, that the Studio almost completes the Apple Silicon line-up, there is just one device left to migrate. For me, that was a sop to the high-end professionals, that an even more powerful Mac Pro is in the works.

The Studio + Studio Display make more sense than the iMac Pro (I believe the price for both works out cheaper than an iMac Pro as well, at the entry level, and is more powerful).

To me, that makes a lot more sense than the iMac. I’ve used iMacs over the years, I bought the first Intel iMac and I’ve had a couple of 24" and 27" models at work. The original 24" iMac made sense, it cost about the same as a desktop and a 24" monitor, by the time I came to replace it, the price of 24" displays had more than halved and equivalent PCs had also come down in price, yet the iMac price had increased… From a price perspective, it never made any real sense after that.

One thing I found with my iMac was that the display lasts forever, but the PC part needs replacing every few years. I bought a 24" display in 2008, a year after the iMac. In 2011, Apple abandoned the iMac, but its screen was still great. Then in 2014, the motherboard died. But the screen was still great. That 2008 24" LG display is still going strong, but the iMac and its still working display were recycled long ago.

Also, with my last PC, I went from a 24" to a 34" ultra wide to a 43" 4K display, as my needs changed, handing down the 24" to my wife and the 34" is now attached to my Raspberry Pi and Linux box, whilst the 43" is connected to my mini and my work laptop, when I am in home office.

I wouldn’t go back to an all-in-one again.

Thanks. I’ll wait and see!

Apple has discontinued the 27" imac. This is the new iMac - deconstructed.


The new green color is awesome. My favorite so far.

totally agree, and honestly, the iMac pro was a stopgap on the way to the mac pro

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I think the original poster was replacing a non-pro 27" iMac - so maybe a Mac Mini plus a Studio Display (or some other display at half the cost if you don’t need the webcam/speakers/USBs)?

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