New (to me) lens

Just got a Viltrox mount converter so I can mount an EF/EF-S lens on my EF-M mount camera. Mounted a 55-250mm lens on and my M50 looks almost comically small in comparison to the lens and almost tripled in weight. I bought the lens cheap, used. Was in almost mint condition so I am pleased with it.

Did a test shot of my peace lily. Was on very slow shutter and handheld, so could have been sharper.


Very nice. Getting things steady for slow shutter speeds gets more difficult each year.

When I was younger, I made some night shots with the camera hand held (1 - 3 seconds) and they were relatively clear. These days, I just can’t hold it steady enough.

I bought a remote for my Sony, so that I don’t have to press the shutter release, when it is on the tripod - some night shots last year, with tripod were slightly blurred dude to pressing the shutter release.


Not that anyone asked, but the Apple Watch camera app comes in handy a few times a year as a remote shutter button. It can also be helpful for lining up a shot when the screen is too high/low/far to see the screen to check the framing.


The Canon app can be used as a remote shutter, but often I find it easier to put the camera on a three second timer!

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