HOP 26: When To Upgrade Your Camera

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Just a small comment. When I used to use a Canon 70D camera. I have the consumer Canon lenses. It has a f3.5 aperture. I take tennis photos among other kind of photos and video. Indoor shooting at high speed is hard. What I had to do is fudge a little on the shutter speed. I would use a slowish shutter speed where the player would look sharp but the racquet would be a little blurred. With that said I tried downloading a light meter app. On my google Pixel 4xl phone. But the light meter would tell me I needed a faster aperture to take the correct shot indoors which I already know. So if you would like to comment on a light meter in this situation; why you would use one, that would be great. You may have comment on a light meter before.
Now, I take all my photos on my Pixel 4xl camera. One addition small comment…
Google took out the multi shot shooting mode. They call it best shot mode, or something similar. in place, they made the shutter button, when you hold it down, to take a quick 720P video. I wish they would bring pack the fast shooting mode. For anyone out there there is a similar mode on the iPhone.

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Hey there. I THINK this came up in episode 23 or 24. The problem is sports indoors are poorly lit. Unless you’re right there in the action, you’ll definitely need an f/2.8 or so. That would help keep your shutter speed fast to limit motion blur. Those lenses with a long focal length and wider aperture can be pretty expensive.

I’ve never used a light meter and never plan on doing so. If you look through your viewfinder on your 70D, you probably have a meter showing. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good base. For my use case, I typically shoot under exposed and I’m able to see in my cameras meter that I’m framing up an underexposed shot. After a lot of practice. I mean a LOT, I can almost eyeball what I think my shutter and ISO should be set to for a scene. But that comes with time.

Far as the burst mode, the apps I used to use have stopped burst mode. There’s an app on Android that I haven’t tried called ProCam X. Looks like it still offers this. I don’t know on iOS.

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