2020 13" MacBook Pro options

So I’ve been planning on making the switch from Windows to Mac for a while, but I’ve been waiting for Apple to dump the abysmal butterfly keyboard in the 13" MacBook Pro, and they finally did just that.

But that leaves me with a conundrum because I know I need more sustained performance (for running Windows in a VM from time to time and doing some side programming projects), so that rules out the MacBook Air as an option. But the high-end 13" Pro option is pricey and I’d prefer to not spend that much money unless I know that the processor upgrade would be important for my usage.

Even if I stick with the low-end $1299 model, I will upgrade to 16GB of memory (and maybe upgrade the storage to 512GB).

The question I’ll pose here is: am I crazy for thinking the low-end 13" model would be sufficient?

I think the main things I’ve been reading about is the thermal design. The 13" model does not have the best cooling design, so if you push the CPU hard, you’ll run into throttling. The 16" MacBook Pro would be better if you can handle the size.

Also, the 8th Gen Intel models have the slower LPDDR3 RAM instead of LPDDR4.

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I agree with @Pommster I think it may be worth looking at the 16" option.Personally I don’t know if I’d risk the thermal design in the 13th if you are going to be pushing it often. Plus the 13" just seems a bit to small for me. But I’m a person that likes the screen real estate. I have an older Macbook Pro 15" and carry it around in my back pack daily. Hope our thoughts help in your decision.

I was about to get the 16inch, but getting trapped in the US between Peru and Mexico, busted my budget. Half that sweet sweet laptop money went to housing in the US. I am sort of glad that happened because the day my 12 inch MacBook died they released the new 13 inch MacBook. For me it is the perfect computer.

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