New analytics redirect for downloads

Something for people with adblockers or Pihole servers to take note of, and maybe make adjustments for. TWiT is going to be using a redirect to Chartable’s server for analytics on content downloads, as announced on the blog:


As best as we can tell, it shouldn’t be blocked by anything. …but there’s no telling what kind of weird, obscure block lists people might have.

The redirect is on this week’s Tech News Weekly and TWiT Bits currently…so if you want to know if you’re blocking it or not, try getting TNW from this past week. It will be on all shows starting Monday.


I noticed yesterday, when I tried to play the Games Night video that NoScript was warning about a redirection to another site.

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Our download links have always had redirects to another site. We’re just changing who the redirect goes to. Did it not give a warning before?

I rarely watch the videos from the site, I usually listen on my phone when walking or driving. It is possible that I whitelisted the original tracker months ago. I know the last time it changed, the tracking site was on my DNS blacklist, but you guys switched that off within 24 hours. This time it was just a warning from NoScript that a new, “unknown” redirect was being used. I have since whitelisted it.