Never Forget 9/11/01

19 years ago today, the United States was attacked on its own soil. We must never forget what happened.

I lived on Long Island at the time. My office was approximately 30 miles out. I still can see the smoke in my mind. On this day, New Yorkers all got together, didn’t matter what color their skin was, what language they spoke, or what their preferred deity was. If they were able to help with recovery efforts in some fashion, they did. People today could take a lesson from that.


Yes, I remember being at work, and someone turned on a tv and we watched it all day. Scary day that was. No one knew what was going to happen next…

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I remember the way the country came together during that time, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have lasted

I remember all the Americans that got stranded in Gander Newfoundland when the US closed its borders to any incoming flights. For three days the locals took in strangers and treated them as best friends. They even made a musical about it Come from Away - Wikipedia .

(Side note: I wish the current President would realize Canada is not an American enemy and stop putting “national security” tariffs on our exports.)

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My son was on his way to MCRD San Diego that morning to start Marine Corps boot camp!!! He has served Active duty and reserve ever since oorah