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Took a bit of maintenance, but got my original “first computer” purchased in 1972 Working again. Spent many long mid shifts using “state of the art” tech keeping the world safe.

Also, after the Whakaari Island eruption, went looking for a long forgotten shot a good friend who was a Master Diver in USN took after 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Sorry it is a lousy photo, but it was an old video, and photo taken of TV as it ran.
Just in case you cannot tell, the tail is on the ground, and nose wheel is in the air.


I don’t recognise the computer, what are we looking at, and how did it keep the world safe?

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“Computer” is a Sharp El-120 pocket calculator. Electronic pocket calculators were not very common in those days. 3 digit display, but could handle numbers up to xxx,xxx,xxx.xxx. +,-,/,x functions only. Not waterproof, which I proved with first one (don’t carry it in open fatigue pocket when filling large dog water bowl). “Special feature” is small thumb rocker switch which increments count +1 with each click.

Kept the world safe by keeping me awake when monitoring for atmospheric nuclear explosions 24/7. In those days, it took hundreds of men (literally, in almost all cases, sorry, it wasn’t a very PC time) dressed in green, all around the world, to do that.


Interesting story, thanks for keeping us all safe with your calculator :wink: