Need Homework Help - Essay on automation and the future of jobs

anyone have any ideas of any resources I can find or people I can talk to(I need something like 5 expert sources)? I found a study from the Govt of Canada that says as of June 10.6% of Canadian jobs are at risk. And also out of curiosity what are your opinions?

Not sure if this is directly applicable for you in your assignment or not, but I think broadly of relevance to the subject:

Frank Pasquale

Abeba Birhane and Jelle van Dijke

Ali Alkhatib, research fellow at The Center for Applied Data Ethics, may be available if you look him up on Twitter.

You may also want to peruse the work of the AI Now Institute.

Wait what, but that 2nd ones not even out yet?

Yes, you said “or people to talk to”; I proffered their latest as the best bead on their headspace should you attempt to contact them :wink:

Ah ok, I;m kinda stressed so I forgot that.

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A topic in this area is the theory of “taxing robots” to pay a “universal basic income” to people who are “offset”. Might be a couple of keywords for your Googling in there.


And try googling things like: “future of work”

this will restrict Google to a specific site that you consider potentially valuable or reference worthy.

The exact topic is: Technological advancements are forcing people out of work