Definitely go with a This Week in AI Podcast

@Leo you need an AI news podcast, its going to appear everywhere and anywhere, I would be happy to help any way I can.- maybe for transatlantic opinions.

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AI is technology, so maybe Leo can do a show called This Week in Tech instead? Oh, but that already exists.

I don’t think it makes sense to start a new show for every single topic. There are enough shows on the TWiT network to cover AI, as is already happening.

strange, as I was replying to Leo’s comments on the podcast a couple of days ago. The whole AI thing is more than just tech, there is also the societal impacts, the ethics and more.

I have to disagree. I think once the fervor dies down and people begin to realize the limitations of the software, having a dedicated show may not make much sense. It was mentioned on Windows Weekly last week that these natural language models which we’re all calling “AI” will likely turn out to be the next evolution of computer interface methods, much like the leap from CLI to GUI systems. Maybe it’ll be dubbed MLI (machine-learning interface)?

Maybe once there is a true “AI” the topic could be worthy of it’s own show. In fact, our new AI overlords will likely demand it.

There is no “I” here (intelligence) and way too much “A” (artifice). This is just applied statistics and glorified Markov Chains. I’m pretty confident the limitations of this will soon be reached, and we’ll be back to another AI Winter for at least another decade or two.


Exactly why I’m reluctant to start a new show on the subject. On the other hand, this could very well be the start of something really big. I’m leaning toward the latter truthfully, even though I agree with you @PHolder - this is just statistics. At a certain point, though, if it become indistinguishable from something intelligent, does it matter?

Maybe we’re just applied statistics and Markov chains, didya ever think of that?

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@Leo @knewman @pholder I think maybe you are missing the point, I dont think we need a ChatGPT podcast, but an AI podcast. ChatGPT is just the surface at the moment - There’s An AI For That - Find AI Tools Using AI ( AI will be bigger step forward than Parc Xerox inventing the WIMP interface for your computer and phone. But moving into vehicles, transportation management, services and much more, it will appear and slot itself into everything from cooking and creativity to litigation and learning. After all we have podcasts about Linux and that has been coming for the last 30 years :slight_smile:

I agree… It’s in almost any show already anyway.
Plus: I had some time on my hands and already made logos … haha

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I am wondering why most people see an AI as female - I mean, given that they keep falling off the rails, arent they more likely to male, probably from South Africa and with a penchant for travelling to mars :slight_smile:

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