Sam, would love your opinion on this


Sam, on the ballot in Massachusetts this year is a question regarding right to repair. We already have a positive right to repair law, but it excludes telematics systems. The ballot question would require manufacturers to incorporate an open system for access to the telematics system, either by the consumer, or by an independent mechanic.

The TV commercials on the con side (vote no) of this are all pushing that this would allow people access to personal data such as where you live, garage door codes, etc. I must be missing something, but I can’t see how this data could be accessible. I know on my 2019 Equinox, that the garage opener functionality appears to be in a separate component, “a la” a universal controller that needed programming. I just think this is scare mongering.

I would love to see an “educated” opinion regarding this.

Random Google link to the question:,%22Right_to_Repair_Law%22_Vehicle_Data_Access_Requirement_Initiative(2020)

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Sounds like a great idea for a Tech Guy segment.

As long as Sam can keep the discussion solely on the topic, and keep politics out of it, I agree.

@leo am I remembering that this did end up being a TTG segment? If so is there a twit bit of it?

No, this was not discussed on air.

There is another thread on this topic where Sam did participate.