Need help with samsung galaxy watch 4

What’s some good apps for Samsung Galaxy watch 4, for when my mom and I go out we don’t drive i like to keep my mom, from getting over stressed. What apps can i use my mom in, electric wheelchair and use buss and, trains, and in store i use Google Pay, and passholde, anything better than what comes in watch if you can rec amend some i can use for when going out and in stores i love it passholder dose everything for cars, what else rec amend i have high spectrum autism

Hi. Thinking about what I use on my Watch4 on a typical day…

Read emails/delete emails using Gmail, read and respond to WhatsApp messages, check blood pressure and heart rate as I have to keep an eye on both (but use dedicated devices to check too), track bike rides, use Reminders (including location-based ones, which are useful), track sleep, control Amazon Music/Pocketcasts, pay for stuff with Samsung Pay, get news notifications.

Google Maps directions when walking works well. I’ve picked up phone calls a few times. It works, but I usually reach for my phone for that.

I use Bixby, just ask stuff as you do with an Alexa, weather, facts, conversions. Also useful to change settings on the watch.

Bixby Capsules are interesting, a bit like Skills on Alexa. My Brain is one I use to remember stuff and recall it later.

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