Need help removing CC from iPhone Payment & Shipping

My CC has just been replaced due to suspicious activity. Apple tried to bill me for iCloud storage and of course notified me they couldn’t charge the card on file. I guess I can’t add a new card without removing the old one but I get errors. I’ve added a new CC to Apple Wallet, what now?
I’ve searched online and followed instructions but no luck.

What happens if you add a totally different card and set that as the default? Then try adding your replacement Costco card, then delete the original. You might also check your subscriptions to see if there’s anything else besides iCloud gumming up the works. Sorry, just throwing out ideas here.

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The problem is, you need to add the new payment method first, as you have active subscriptions. Apple won’t let you remove all payment methods, if you still have active payments.

You either need to add the new payment method first, or you need to cancel all subscriptions, before removing the old card.

You should be able to add a new card without deleting the old one. You can even add PayPal if you wish to use that as primary. I think you can also add some balance to your Apple ID with an Apple gift card and delete your card.

As well as updating the Apple Wallet version of your card, you also need to update your Apple ID payment settings.

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Yes, I got caught out by this last week, as I related over in the iOS Today 850 thread, the error messages are also not clear, where you need to change what!

Why doesn’t it just all go through the wallet or the ID, why both?!?! :crazy_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve added a new CC and it’s set as default card in Wallet & Apple Pay. But still unable to remove the Costco card.
In Payment and Shipping if use the Add payment method, it says the Payment method has already been added to your account.
What else can I do? What am I missing?
I’m a PC user, so I don’t have access to the settings from a Mac.

I just downloaded iTunes and my results were the same as on my iPhone.

If I’m understanding you, you’ve added a new payment method and still have the old one you wish to delete. My logic assumes that the new payment card is the default for NEW payments, but you have to some how manually correct the old payment that is associated with the old card. (I don’t think the new card has been moved to apply to the old payment.) See if you can edit/update the subscription using the old card to select the new card. If you can that should allow you to finally remove the old card.

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Under subscriptions it says I don’t have any subscriptions.
I need to delete the old card because it’s been cancelled.

The picture you sent in your OP seems to imply you do have a subscription of some sort. You could try looking at your purchase history to see if anything jogs your memory. On the iPad, in settings, click your name at the top, here are then “Name, Phone Numbers, Email” “Password & Security” “Payment & Shipping” “Subscriptions” but below there is also “Media & Purchases” and this is where you can find purchase history (and another link for Subscriptions it appears.)

Thanks for helping Paul.
I don’t have any purchase history nor subscriptions following your suggestions.
Media and Purchasing takes me to first image and then View Account the second.

Do you have an Apple store nearby, that might be the fastest route to a solution.

Have you tapped edit and dragged the new card to the top to make it default?

If the new card is default, do you even need to delete the expired one?