Nav bar problem- Is this a feature or bug?

I’m on Windows 10 and Firefox, this just started.

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I also have it in Google Chrome and in the Dolphin browser on my phone. It floats. Yet, when I try to use the menu on that floating bar, it goes away or flicker about 85% of the time.

Haven’t seen that one myself, W10 w/ Credge and Credge Beta.

I am in Firefox, and I am seeing a wonky header, so I wonder if it’s related?

Same “floating” header bar on iOS Discourse Hub app. Someone’s idea of an improvement?

Also, suddenly, the number of new subjects and notification of message related to user when opening the app has disappeared.

Both occurred in last day or so, but no app update noted on iPhone.

Using Windows 10 and have it running as it’s own app via chrome and doesn’t appear to be experiencing this issue. I’m on the beta channel in Chrome though.

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It’s no longer flashing and works 100% of the time for me - but it stays there as I scroll. And, it blocks my reading. So, my scroll speed has to change, so I avoid where that bar sits all the time.

I don’t like it at all

It sits right where I would normally be reading the posts

I am finding that I hate this new nav bar

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This is the feedback thread to report bugs on right?