My nightstand is a fire hazard

I’ve just recently looked at the contents of my nightstand.

  1. Clock radio/alarm clock
  2. Cordless phone
  3. Google Mini
  4. Charger for Android Wear watch
  5. Charger for Pixel 2
  6. CPAP

All those cords going to a powerstrip is a bit scary.
I have a Pixel 4 on order.
I’d like to simplify my setup. I’ve been looking at Google Assistant alarm clocks, but not really impressed. Ideally, I’d like a device that has Google Assistant built in, a visible clock, a Qi charger, and the ability to plug a USB port in. That would eliminate 3 power cords. Does anyone know of such a device? I’ve looked at some iHome devices, but the one that looks best for what I want doesn’t have the built in Google Assistant, just the ability to use a button to pull up the phone. They have a combined clock/Assistant, but it doesn’t do Qi. Seems like I can’t be the only person who is looking for something like this?

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You could just get an UPS. That would minimize a lot of your worries about surges/fires.

The lenovo smart screen has a slider to cover the camera if you’re worried about a camera in your bed, that would give you your assistant + clock + alarm.

Sorry, was trying to be a little funny.
Does anyone know of a device that does everything I want? It seems I can get everything but the Qi charging.

Haha okay. You should probably still get an UPS though.

I’ve got one of these in my living room as an end table. It’s got built in Qi charging, a pair of USB ports and is a Bluetooth speaker. I don’t think it ticks all your boxes but might be close to what you’re looking for -

Yeah, I wasn’t looking to replace the night stand, just the tech on top of it.

I just wanted to update this.
I ended up buying this charger: What I like about it is that its a Qi charger that also has USB ports on the back to plug other items into. What I don’t like about it is that it was advertised as fast charging with support for Pixel 4, but my 4 doesn’t seem to charge at the full wattage (as compared to when I put it on a Pixel stand).

I also bought a Nest Hub. So now my nightstand has my CPAP, the cordless phone, the Nest Hub, and this charger with my watch charger plugged into it. So less wires.