Strange desktop behaviour on Mac


This probably has been here all along, but I just noticed it on Sonoma beta. Any idea what this feature is? I click on desktop area, get a frame around screen, and all open windows move offscreen??? Not sure what use it is. As soon as I do anything, windows come back and frame disappears.

Hmm, just figured out a use. Working on doc on desktop, click on desktop area, desktop clears, and I can click on icons on desktop.

I figured it out. Someone else might be interested.

Sonoma includes an undocumented feature where clicking on the desktop wallpaper temporarily clears the desktop. Apparantly the “click wallpaper to show desktop items” setting under Desktop on the Desktop & Dock settings page defaulted to Always when the beta was installed on my Mac.

Not sure if it is of use to me. After listening to Mikah’s discussion of Stage Manager on HOP, tried it, but found my use of multiple desktops worked better for me. This “Click wallpaper…” feature appears to be related to Stage Manager.