Moving photos from Google to Apple

I am using a Pixel 3 xl as my phone and moving to iPhone 11 in about 8 months. My main “laptop” is iPad Air 256 gig. I was wondering the easiest way to move my photos from Google photos to iCloud photos? And keep my photos from my phone synced to my iPad going forward.

You could keep using Google Photos, of course, just install that on the iPhone and iPad.

Take a look at Google Takeout. You can request an archive of all your photos, which you get in a zip file.

Then on your mac unzip these, and in Apple Photos use File Import to load them all into your Apple photo library. Check in System Preferences that iCloud is syncing your photos. Configure the same on your phone and iPad, should be able to see all your photos from any device then.

Remember you might need to pay for extra iCloud storage, depends how many pics you have.

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I just switched to iPhone from Pixel and kept using Google Photos. Works well on iPhone and Mac. I did this primarily because I already pay Google for GoogleOne and did not want to start buying iCloud too. I have pretty much moved all my Google services to the iPhone pretty seamlessly.

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