IOS 509: Save Space on Your iOS Devices

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Good episode. I think that I’m gonna get the 256GB iPhone next time. 64gb is enough for me but I have to keep an eye on it to make sure that I don’t run out of storage.


I agree with 256 - I always get 256 and never completely fill it but its there if I need it! I have an iPhone X, XR and 11ProMax and they’re all 256G

Have to say, would have really loved discussion about how to combine SEVERAL photo(s) libraries. I’ve dropped using photos because of the difficulty merging photo libraries. Terrible waste of time. With so many ios devices I have managed to have several photo libraries and it’s been horrible trying to combine. I have simply moved all photos OFF the photos app (after 2 weeks- all day exporting, when it worked). Now located all photos/videos on three 12TB drives (one for offsite storage) and never looked back. Sad to say, but photos app has been a nightmare. Now I just export all photos and videos to my desktop and store them on these drives.