Google photos on IOS

Hi everyone
So I’m looking for a general solution for photo backup systems and getting into 2 issues that may not have a solution

  • i have a bunch og gmails and set only one for google photos app, problem is the app shows all photos that are on the device itself and not the account, is there anyway to limit that or the only way i have is to log in with browser instead of the app?

  • there are so many junk photos I receive everyday through social media apps ( whatsapp instagram etc) that are getting uploaded
    So i have to go delete them from google photos + photos app etc
    Did anyone find a solution to optimize this issue with an easier way


I’d check the settings in those apps. I dont have any apps that auto save to Photo’s on my iPhone that i have to worry about it uploading to Google Photos. I do when I decide to delete now useless screenshots I do it in the Google Photos apps as it will delete it online and from my device.

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Agreed, you will need to go into each app and set them not to save to automatically save to the camera roll.

I understand but the problem is the second you want to see the photo or video you need to load it
Meaning download the media and it would go to photos
And so it will get backed up

Some few apps offer to keep the photo/video in the app unless you save them individually

My experience with apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp when you view an image is that it engages within the app; the image does not download unless you explicitly download and save by using the share sheet for example. What app are you having issues with it downloading to your camera roll?

My main issue is with whatspp
Telegram has the cool feature od see only and save if you want
And tou can delete all downloaded data and keep the thumbnails if you decide to download them again
But in whatsapp although i turned auto download OFF
If i want to see a photo someone sent me i have to download it meaning it goes to photos

In android i can go to files and delete them from whatsapp media folder but on ios if i decide to delete them in the app (in recent update) it would delete the photo from the chat ( that i dont want to do so) and keeps the photo in photo gallery ( which i dont want to) either LOL

For WhatsApp, go to settings in the WhatsApp, select Chats, and deselect Save to Camera Roll. This will prevent it saving to camera roll; then no photos saved to camera roll and uploaded to Google Photos.


That was a big help thanks