Moving from Eero to another mesh wifi

Hi all in Twit land,
I am currently using the 1st generation eero mesh wifi and am moving to the latest TP-Link Wifi 6 wanted to know what would be the best method of disconnecting my eero system that is currently active ?

If you’re just going to use the exact same SSID and password, you should be able to just replace the router and power cycle the devices and they shouldn’t even really notice a change.

It’s advisable to change a password you think may have leaked or that wasn’t strong enough, so you may consider changing your SSID and/or password. If you’re going to do that, make sure you have all the necessary documentation and info for your IoT devices, as you’re probably going to have to reset them to get them rejoined to what will appear to them to be a new network.

Keep your Eero on hand (but powered off) just in case you need to temporarily go back to it for some device that gives you grief.


Thanks for the tip. I am using a Residentail Gateway 3000 modem/router all in one through my bell service where the eero router is plugged into. I will keep my Eero around. I will need to factory reset it and the AP’s as it most likely will be going to another family member’s home. :wink: Thanks again.

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Once you’re done with the Eero do remember to reset it and all the beacons from the app. Otherwise no one else can use it.

Ah… good point. I will definitely do that first ! thank you Leo and keep up the good work. I have been watching you since the Screensaver days !

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