Modern version of Core M

Been looking to get a low powered 2-in-1 as a Linux Tablet device. I want to be able to upgrade/repair the device battery and storage as a minimum. When I talked about this to another group online, they said Intel got rid of the Core M. What is the modern equivalent of the Core M? And is it good?

Been looking at the Latitude 7275 and various HP convertibles for the Core M models.

What sort of performance are you looking at? Atom or does it have to be Core level performance?

The Core i3-Y series is the equivalent, I believe.

I know that the Cherry Trail Atom is not reliable on Linux.

It’s a tablet that is mostly for web surfing, streaming, & some note taking/word processing. And I want to be able to upgrade/replace the storage and battery.

You could check into the Pine Tablet, which runs on an ARM comparable to a RPi. I think they’re having supply issues, but maybe they’re actually selling them.

I think @Leo tried the PinePhone at one point, but found it under-powered compared to the Samsungs or Pixels he’s used to, but I guess it would depend on what you expect from a low cost device.


Only 2GB of RAM. Horrific.

Well, if you’re not running a full blown desktop, and no server tasks, I think Linux can probably operate fairly decently with only 2G of RAM if you only use a few tabs in a browser. It’s clearly not meant for power users. Remember that RAM needs to be constantly refreshed which means more RAM uses more battery. As this is an open source hardware and software project, that may have been a conscious choice to extend the battery life.


I am aware of the PineTab, and it always seems to be out of stock whenever I try to order it.