Misconception Android being complicated

I keep hearing from Leo how Android is more complicated to use versus iOS. And that if you want a simple phone get iPhone.

I just got my mum a note 9, set it up for her with big icon rows on the home screen, of the hand full of apps she uses. Even put a shortcut to navigate home if she gets lost. Shortcut to calls - me and my siblings. All 1 touch away after unlocking the phone. Locked the home screen so she doesn’t accidentally remove anything.

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I’ve often felt that Android only seems more complicated if you’re coming from iOS to begin with. If they are system virgins, then it isn’t any more complicated to learn one or the other…there is just a bit of a learning curve to either one! It’s the different ways they work that can cause confusion and how much someone likes to tinker to make it a specific way. Most folks just want to be able to USE it and are pretty ok with how it works out of the box.

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Haha true I did set it up her. but that’s the beauty of customisation. Many people aren’t aware of icons/shortcut you can place on home screen to perform actions. Google assistant is just superior to iOS that should also be taken into account when recommending a simple phone to someone.

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It depends on the desktop app it comes with.
Many Samsung phones come with 2 modes for the desktop. Normal and simple.
None of the TWiT gang will never have used simple mode.

All those with Samsung phones that use simple mode, please raise your hands.