Useless Poll of the Day: Android or iOS?

Pick your poison… What is your preference? Android or iOS?

  • Android
  • iOS
  • BOTH (I have at least 1 of each and like them equally)
  • I have no smart phone
  • I like pie!

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Oh man this topic could be controversial!! I’ve tried to like iOS. I really have. But man the limitations Apple imposes on you as a user in that system are mind boggling to me. And I rely heavily on the Google assistant in Android for predictive things, something Siri can’t match. Some would argue the privacy aspect of iOS. In a vacuum that is true, Apple’s systems are very privacy focused. However, as soon as you take a new iPhone out of the box and start installing 3rd party apps, the privacy you gained by using the iPhone has pretty much gone out the window.

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I used to be a HUGE Apple Ipad fan. I have owned 3 Ipads over the years. But, the updates from Apple can get annoying. They keep changing things just to change things - sometimes I think. A lot of times, things were perfect. And then they go mess with it in another update… Then, things would work counter intuitively after that…

Years ago, one Apple iPad update really bugged me… When you clicked on a bookmark, the drop down tab listing all your bookmarks would not go away. The new page would load, but you had to go back and press the bookmark menu icon again to get the tab to disappear. On most computers, that pulldown tab of bookmarks disappears after you choose one… But not on that particular Apple update… You had to go back and click on the bookmark icon again, for EVERY website you used a bookmark for, if you wanted that long list of bookmarks to disappear after you made your selection.

If you use the ipad 90% of the time just for browsing… Know how annoying that will get after 10-15 minutes? :frowning:

Plus, the darn Ipad got slower and slower with each and every update.

I finally sold it for cheap, and got a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet (this was when the S2 was new). I’ve had that S2 for a few years now. It is as fast as it was when I got it. I am much, much happier with it over an Ipad.

I have not used an Ipad since I sold that last one - So, I don’t know if that bookmark thing has been resolved in one of the numerous updates that probably came along since then.

But, I love android on phones much more. And, I also prefer android tablets over an ipad.

It’s been fixed: iPad OS in landscape also automatically shows a pane at the left in new tabs for favorites/bookmarks/history which disappears when you load an item.

I’m in heaven with my iPad Pro 10.5" and Smart Keyboard. Had it now for almost 6 months, and FINALLY with iPad OS it’s come into its own. I don’t blame you, @Mastershipwreck, for hating the awful adolescence iOS has dragged everyone through up 'till now, but with iPad OS and a full-size external keyboard, I see a bright future for iPad specifically and iOS in general, speaking for myself personally.

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Glad to hear it is fixed.

My S2 Galaxy Tab is getting old. I was going to buy an S4 - but instead got a HP Chromebook X2. It has a fully detachable keyboard like a MS Surface does. I only use it as a tablet - I never hook the keyboard to it. So, now that is my new tablet.

I’ve thought of switching to Android. I could never get my wife to do it so I’m resigned to being stuck in iOS. We both have iPads and iPhones. I’m her tech guy so I need to stay up to date on iOS.
With the new iPad OS and iPhone 11, I’m very happy.