Migrating away from Google

I have been a Google Workspace/Gsuite/Apps user for 15 years. I have two domains hosted there. I have used/currently use many Google services (Drive, Photos, Fi, Voice).

When I bought my recent phone, I paid for Pixel Pass (which is also on the way out) which is tied to a normal GMail account. I have moved most of my storage (Drive/Photos) to that account, after previously paying for Google Drive storage on one of my Workspace accounts. Of course, since then I had to update my Workspace accounts to new levels as Google has changed things…

At this point, I think it’s time to make a move away from Google. I have been considering moving one of my domains to FastMail (the one that only I use, not breaking my wife’s email yet). But it appears I now need to come up with cloud storage. The other issue I have, what happens to the Google account associated with the Workspace email address for anything that is still bound to that. Does it become just a regular Google account?

For cloud storage, my preference is something that does a mount and only downloads as necessary, not a service that syncs. I think pCloud might be a good solution.

So, does anyone have any ideas?

@Leo, this is probably a bit too geeky, but if it’s something you want to use on ATG I’d be happy to send an email in.