Microsofts new Edge Logo

I like it. It looks just a little bit too much like Firefox however I think it’s a smart median between the iconic “e” and something new and fresh.

The Easter egg hunt looked fun too!

What do you guys think?

Well I’m glad to know that they will finally be ditching the blue “e”. The classic blue “e” has a major reputation problem because of its association in people’s minds with Internet Explorer.

So at the very least, I am glad that Microsoft is taking a fresh approach for branding the new Edge. But I do have to agree that it looks similar to Firefox’s logo.

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I agree. It was disappointing when I first started using Edge that the logo was a just a bold version of IE. Like cmon MS, you know nobody uses or likes Internet Explorer anymore…I’m amazed it took them this long. I figured right when they opened up Dev Edition of the Chromium based Edge they would have changed the logo.

I’m sure smarter minds than mine ended up picking this new one though.

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I would agree I’m a fan of this one. I’ve been beta testing the Chromium edge. To the point I’ve also made it my default browser…I like that it no doesn’t carry that same look of Internet Explorer. It was what shy’d me away from it.

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I just checked for updates I wonder when we will see it in the Dev preview.

Speaking of logos I like the new bouncy, filled in Office Icons.

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It looks like an ocean tide created in Minecraft and then photoshopped into a curve. I don’t get it. Looks nice though.

Surfing the Web I think is the theme.

Looks pretty cool, should fit well with other system apps on my taskbar.

Waves CRASH thou… so um… :wink:

I agree its good that Microsoft did this finally, the blue E logo is too much associated with Internet Explorer. However they should have did a entirely new logo and campaign with the launch of the original Edge.

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