Microsoft Flight Simulator video tours the great cities of Europe, also Southampton

I’ve built a shamefully large carbon footprint this year, jetting off to London, Zurich, Berlin and the like to play videogames in various hipster basements. The thing is, you never really get to enjoy the cities of the world from a tin terror-tube in the sky. Fortunately, Microsoft Flight Simulator is turning out to be quite a looker. We got our first look at the flight sim’s digital destinations last week, offering up a cheaper and less environmentally-damning way to enjoy an urban break abroad.

Here are 13 minutes of gentle engine droning courtesy of IGN: perfect ambience for a cold autumn morning, or another sample for your next post-rock EP.

Looking forward to playing this on my gaming PC. The graphics even at this pre-Alpha stage look amazing.


I did not realize this was still being made. I haven’t seen it anywhere on a shelf or online in years.

Microsoft even said they would stop making newer editions of Flight Simulator 2-3 years ago. I was just as surprised when I saw the rumors a few months ago and now an actual pre-Alpha build.

It’ll most definately keep the fans and professionals happy to have a newer edition.

There’s also an insider program for anyone to sign up and get the pre-release versions.

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Modern graphics, CPU power for the physics-simulation and interactions, RAM for the objects and view. I’d love to see this in VR as well.