Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I literally just found out about the MSFS 2020 a few days ago, while watching some random plane-landing videos on YouTube.
Anyone here play Flight Sim? oh I’m just so giddy about this, demo looks incredible.


I have since '95…


I practically wore out my copy of Pacific Theater, had a ball downloading and flying all kinds of aircraft. Nothing like landing an AC-130 on a carrier deck!

TDog :pirate_flag:


May have to dig out my Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick.
Do I see this correctly it has helicopter too?
Does anyone know of a PC or XBox chopper war simulator game?


RealFlight Simulator has always had special meaning to me. Grandson and I played many hours. I also live in Champaign IL, home of Horizon Hobby. Cool to we locals, their website header image of ELI FIELD is a real place just 20-minutes from Champaign.


I’ve purchased every version of MS Flight Sim since the very first edition that ran on MS-DOS.
The 2020 version looks awesome. Good thing I upgraded my PC over Christmas to an AMD 3900X and RTX 2070 Super, lots of RAM and M.2 storage. That should be able to handle the task. :grin:


Thought I’d bump this thread after reading that Flight Simulator is launching on August 18th. Digital only download for PC and Xbox as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC. Europe release will also have a retail disc version.


I can’t wait for this.

How hard is it to use if you don’t know how to pilot a plane? Is there an ‘instruction’ level? I think the visuals are going to be over the top when they add VR support.

Hey guys. So Microsoft Flight Simulator looks absolutely awesome.
It has Real Time Air Traffic, so basically what you see in the air, landing, taxi, take-off, flying in the sky around you is actually happening in real time Flight data! How cool is that!!
Also, the map data is updated frequently, so you’re always seeing the most up to date ground images. The map images look incredible. Especially at night time with city lights, check out the video below.

You can check out a few videos on Youtube, I watched this one already.

Just an FYI, it will require around 150GB HDD space, and will take a few hours to download the newest updates once installed.

You can just use a Playstation or Xbox Controller also, which is pretty cool. By the sounds of it the controls should be pretty easy.

I think this one will be on my Steam list this year! I cant wait to play it.

I’ve been playing this and quite enjoying it. I’m not a flight sim fan at all but just got it because it looked fun.
I’ve flown all sorts of places which look amazing but there are just as many (probably more) that just look crap.
It’s plays at a reasonable frame rate at 4k on my gtx 1080, I think I just left the settings on medium.

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