Member Benefits For Dummies

I recently joined because I have been listening to MBW for many years for free and owe you. The benefits sound nice, especially the ad-free version. But I would have paid anyway.

I looked at the list of bennies but was not savvy enough to figure out how to implement them. For instance, I already have my old “subscription” to the show through my Apple podcast app. Don’t know how to switch from my unpaid to paid, so still skipping ads that are irrelevant to me manually.

The chat sounded interesting, but didn’t know a Discord from a Record so passed on that. (Then learned Discord was the place that dude was posting secret documents to fellow white supremecists; not sure I even want to be in a place if it’s like 4Chan and Parler.)

Anyway, just suggesting that you send something to new members that goes beyond what I got. A little hand-holding for those of us whose generation was not born into this technology and takes it for granted. A “Benefits For Dummies” if you like? Thanks. Love the show.


Have you seen the list of frequently asked questions for Club TWiT members?

Specifically the topic of subscribing using Apple Podcasts is described there.


Start at and sign in. There you will land on a page that lists your private URLs for the feeds for the various podcasts. Along the way it will also help you get set up in Discord if you want as well. Those two things are the primary membership benefits.

The faq is the first place I’d start. Apple subscription isn’t Club TWiT. It’s just ad-free. But yeah, check out the faq. Thanks :fist_right:t5:

Many thanks to the very patient Ant who arranged a Zoom call and got me up and running!


Glad you’re up and running. Thanks for supporting us and telling others about our shows. :fist_right:t6: