Meetup in Green Bay Sept 29?

So Lisa and I (and our Packers addled son, Michael) are going to Lambeau Field for a game this fall.

We’re thinking of having a no-host meet-up on Friday night in Green Bay, September 29th, at 6 pm. Location TBD but it will be in town. We’re just trying to get some idea if there’s interest.

What do you say?

  • Yes I will definitely be there!
  • I will tentatively be there
  • Sorry I can’t make it
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“Packers addled”. LOL I am a Packer fan who lives in Kansas, he is not addled. Wish I could be there. I have never been able to get to a game there. Have fun!

Would be there if I could. We live about 2 hours away, but I work evenings. Was up there for Family Night (ticketed practice for fans).

Go Pack Go!

I know me and a couple friends would do a meet up for sure! Hope you have a great time in Green Bay

We’re on! Can’t wait to meet you all. Location TBA.